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Embark on a soul-stirring journey with Sohmalife and experience profound connections as we explore the depths of the world together. Our intentionally curated retreats are designed to immerse you in transformative spaces, where you can meet your soul and embrace your divinity.

We can't wait to have you in Egypt and be part of this extraordinary adventure!

Egipto (7).png

Some pictures of our previous Egypt retreat:

What to expect: 

  • Ten days of beauty, luxury, and magic

  • The experience of a lifetime

  • A cruise down the Nile River

  • See and experience over 8 different temples

  • Visiting the pyramids

  • Professional photos + reels

  • Intuitive development classes and lessons

  • Red sea coral reef tours

  • All meals and transfers included (+internal flights)

Egypt Testimonial from Mattanja: 

"This trip has been one of the greatest of my life. I felt so deeply safe in this group of people attracted to Lynn’s and Alicia’s work, that I could fully open to everything Egypt and this retreat had to offer. The activations have shifted me on such a deep level and I came back as a deeper and richer person. I would recommend this retreat for everyone. This experience is a memory I will never forget."

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