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Mary Magdalene

Discover the sacred wisdom of Mary Magdalene in "Channeling Magdalene: A Year of Love." Dive into a divine feminine perspective on A Course in Miracles (ACIM) as Reverend Lynn LaBorde channels the teachings of this beloved disciple of Jesus.

Immerse yourself in a transformative journey through 365 spiritual lessons, spanning an entire year of forgiveness and self-love. Each day, as you delve into the lessons of ACIM, let Mary Magdalene's unique viewpoint guide and inspire you. Her words will reignite the realization of your inherent divinity, reminding you that you are an embodiment of pure Light.

This captivating book, categorized under Spiritual Self Help, offers a daily commentary that perfectly complements the lessons of ACIM. With an eloquent blend of channeling and spiritual guidance, it opens doors to a deeper understanding of love, forgiveness, and your own spiritual path.

Channeling Magdalene: A Year of Love is not just a book; it is an invitation to embark on a profound inner journey. Let Mary Magdalene's timeless teachings and Reverend Lynn LaBorde's powerful channeling awaken the depths of your soul and bring forth a greater sense of love, compassion, and peace.

If you're ready to explore the divine feminine wisdom within the teachings of ACIM and experience a year of transformative growth, then this book is your perfect companion. Begin your daily ritual of spiritual nourishment and embark on a path of self-discovery with Channeling Magdalene: A Year of Love.

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