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Channeling: A Short Cut to Spiritual Enlightenment

Channeling, a form of direct communication between the spiritual realm and human beings, is an integral part of the sohmalife community. Through channeling, people discover divine source energy within themselves and let go of blocks that prevent them from accessing their highest power. Renowned trance channel Wendy Gayle partners with sohmalife, providing channeling instruction that enables our community to develop their own channeling abilities. A healer and teacher, Wendy has studied healing modalities for more than 20 years. She began channeling in 1992 and has worked with many angels and guides. In 2007, Archangel Metatron came through and Wendy has been working with him ever since, offering spiritual guidance and life path assistance. Wendy also offers a series of classes to help others develop their psychic and channeling abilities. Sohmalife owner Rev. Lynn LaBorde and marketing specialist Intuitive Alicia sat down with Wendy to talk about channeling and provide a closer look at this powerful practice. Alicia: You bring such a unique light to the community and have trained thousands of people. For those who are new to spirituality, can you explain what channeling is? Wendy: Please know that, first of all, I believe that God created us all to be channels. I believe it is part of who we are. It is the ability to connect with our guides, our angels, and beings of light around us. It is a way to connect and our guides have a different intention for everyone. Some people channel music, art, words--it is meant for the individual to inspire their awakening. It gives them the boost that they need to awaken their highest power. Channeling is being able to hear and speak or write what is being communicated to you. Lynn: One time James was interviewing Metatron, and Metatron said that channeling is a shortcut to spiritual enlightenment. Can you talk more about how this resonates with your life? Wendy: So, I am a late bloomer. I have been channeling for 20 years, but I didn’t start until I was forty. I woke up one morning and decided that I needed to study healing, which led to channeling. All of my psychic centers opened from this--touching upon all of my clairs. They all work together with our channeling and bring us the gift of being able to connect with everything and everyone around us. Learning how to trust your guides is a big part of your journey and bringing through integral messages--channeling helps you move past this. This is the journey of ego mastery and helps you to bring it into balance and allow our soul to run the show. Alicia: Channeling can be intimidating to some people who have no experience--what would you say to those people? Wendy: If they are interested in connecting with guides, angels, ascended masters, galactic masters that love and support them--they have everything that they need right there. There is nothing else but the desire to make the connection. Everything past that is negotiable. Everyone learns and interacts with it in different ways. We have to approach people where they are in the journey and how to keep themselves safe. Everyone is already channeling. Whenever you sit down with a friend in pain and speak words that seem to just flow through them, you are already channeling. People don’t realize that they are already doing it a lot of the time. This process awakens the remembrance that you are already channeling. I am not teaching anything to people that they are not already doing. Lynn: We’ve read so many incredible books about channeling but the thing that I love about Wendy is that she has made it tangible already. Wendy, you have achieved mastery of channeling and teaching. How do you approach teaching others who are learning for the first time? Wendy: All of my clairs have opened through this process of being a channel and being a healer. I am fortunate that I have “tells” and places that give an indication and signal of how to direct. I am working with Metatron and he is very tuned in to this process. Learning is different for everyone and I work with making sure that people can have a physical sensation from their guidance to create an indicator. The biggest indicator is building up your awareness to truly know. You are building up a relationship with your guidance and building trust. Alicia: Are there any particular guides that you work with? How do you know which guides to work with? Wendy: I have worked with a number of guides over the years. The first being that I worked with was Archangel Michael. Then I worked with Hathor, then Senada, Sophia, and Innana. There was an ongoing number of energies that came through for me. They come through and work with you to bring something and raise our vibration and expand our consciousness in different ways. We can call upon different guides based on the energy that you need. Eventually you fall into the energy of one guide and build up and establish this relationship. There are some that feel like home. We do a series of meditations and activations to help you to identify which one to work with first. Alicia: Channeling is such a deep experience that can provide so many benefits. How can it help others to grow and develop personally and spiritually? Wendy: I feel that the most important thing is people understand that they are never alone. Their guidance is always with them and source is always with them. That in itself is a huge heart-opening understanding. To be able to speak to your own guidance and receive your own information, particularly in this day and age. To be able to go to that place of guidance and find your truth about anything is deeply healing. Channeling blends with anything--being a nurse, being in an office, anywhere. Lynn: I have come to believe that we are channeling aspects of ourselves on the higher levels. Of all the people that you’ve trained, what are the qualities of the people who embody the richest abilities in this? Wendy: Integrity. Metatron and I are always working with people to make sure they fully express integrity and are able to express messages cleanly and concisely with the highest intention of guiding others. It mixes in with our life, if we will allow it, our guidance will bring understandings to us that will continue our growth. Lynn: Can you talk more about the different ways you can channel? Wendy: There is mediumistic channeling--working with spirit outside of your body to bring through messages. Full Body conscious channel--co-creation with guidance allowing them to speak through you. Conscious of what is being said. Full Body trance channel--drop into a light trance to move out of the way to make us as clean and concise in our channeling as possible. We remember the flavor of the essence, but not the particulars. Alicia: Speaking to the time frame we are experiencing right now, this dark shadow period on a global and individualistic level, why do you think channeling is important especially now, at this time? Wendy: One of the biggest reasons why channeling is important right now is that whoever you are working with, you are carrying the vibrational frequency of them with you. Wherever you step, you are anchoring this energy and this light to this Earth. That is primarily part of our soul’s purpose. You can anchor these energies in so many different ways. Channeling teaches us how to be neutral. Through neutrality we have the ability to respond as opposed to reacting. If we could teach the world to be neutral instead of reacting, that would change the face of our planet. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Check out our video interview with Wendy on YouTube:

Wendy Gayle will host several classes at the sohmalife sanctuary in 2020 where students will learn to attune more deeply to their spiritual gifts. Check out our events!

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