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Developing The Clairs

We all know that we have 5 different physical senses, but did you know that you can develop heightened psychic senses by learning to tap into your Clair abilities? We have all had “gut feelings” at different times in our life. Psychic intuitive development is about tapping more deeply into these feelings. This allows us to become more consciously aware of the messages behind them from Spirit.

Working past self-doubt, releasing blockages to these heightened senses and moving past the limitations in your mind are key to taking ownership of these abilities. Having a teacher or community who you can turn to helps you to move past this doubt, self-imposed limitations and strengthens your connection to the spiritual world.

Spirit is always communicating with us in different ways. It is all about tapping into the different frequencies that they provide. You may be naturally attuned to a particular type of clair. With your conscious awareness of the different types it can help you to tap more deeply into them and remove any obstacles that you have for the full utilization of these heightened abilities.

Clair is French for clear. There are six intuitive senses or “clairs” that we can tap into, and they exist in conjunction with our five normal physical senses.

The 6 Clairs are:

Clairaudience- Hearing. This clair ability allows you to hear spirit in a deeper or intuitive way. You may receive auditory messages that sounds like an internal voice that directs or guides you. Developing this helps you to receive information from your spiritual guides and loved ones who have crossed over.

Clairsentience- Feeling. This clair ability allows you to feel more intuitively. You can feel and perceive what others are feeling and have gone through at different times in their life. This clair also allows you to experience and feel the presence of higher level beings and assists you greatly in learning to channel.

Clairvoyance- Seeing. This ability allows you to see spirit manifest. It is directly linked to the opening of ones third eye. Many are able to see those who have crossed over physically manifest in the third dimension when they have this heightened gift.

Clairalience- Scent. This Clair allows you to smell different scents which accompany beings from other realms. This can include floral smells, perfume smells, cooking smells and even cigarettes as Spirit is attempting to reveal themselves.

Clairgustance- Taste. This Clair provides you with the ability to have a sense experience of being able to taste different flavors that spirit may present in an attempt to make contact.

Claircognizance- Knowing. This spiritual ability is a combination of all of the previous Clairs. Claire cognizance is the complete spiritual comprehension of information that has been received from the other side. It is truly one of the most powerful of all the Clairs due to the combining of supernatural senses.

Developing your clairs can have a significant impact in the ways that you perceive and interact with the physical as well as the spiritual world. The Psychic Development Academy provides you with the perfect community to develop your intuitive abilities.

The Psychic Development Academy at sohmalife can help you develop your own abilities, and will provide you with strong psychic teachers and a loving community for support

With Psychic and Intuitive teachers who have mastered their crafts through years of experience you will become part of a beautiful community to support your spiritual development.

For more information on The Psychic Development Academy, or to register, click here.

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