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Meet the Teachers: Psychic Development Academy

The Psychic Development Academy is excited to open its doors once again to students from all over the world. The 3 teachers who will be the cornerstones of The PDA are Joseph D'Airo, Sarah Bloomfield Curley and Rev. Lynn LaBorde. Each week, either Joseph, Sarah or Lynn will be presenting Parts 1, 2 and 3 of their specific areas of knowledge and training. Topics include: Mediumship, Connecting to Divine Guidance and using Psychic Healing Tools.

We recently sat down with the teachers of the Academy to talk about why they are excited to start the new semester this year, and what they will be teaching this year.

Alicia : Hello, everyone, and welcome. Thank you so much for joining us. We are here with the Psychic Development Academy. We have these three incredible psychics who have studied for years in order to master different psychic techniques, and they are now opening themselves up to teach you. These techniques can help you to improve your life. We're gonna go through and have an opportunity to get to know these amazing teachers and what they have to offer to you as potential students. We're going to start off with the Reverend Lynn LaBorde. We want to hear from you, what are you excited to teach and what should students look forward to this year?

Lynn LaBorde: To start off, I just want to give you a little background on the Psychic Development Academy. About a year and a half ago, Joe and Sarah and I were at an event. We were just kind of kicking around the idea of, wouldn't it be fun to start something like a mini Hogwarts and you know, have four teachers and kind of represent the houses like in Harry Potter? I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and I think Joe is too. So we started planning together. Each of us decided that we were going to teach different things. So Danielle Anatra started teaching about mediumship and Sarah was teaching about connecting to divine guidance, and Joe was teaching about raising your vibration for manifestation and I was teaching some psychic healing tools and we've had now three sessions. It was 13 weeks, and each teacher was teaching about three different classes and we had this beautiful graduation ceremony. So we've had about 40 students come through the Psychic Development Academy in the past year and a half. I'm really excited about what this brings. We will be hosting it in zoom format, so everyone feels safe during this time of quarantine. So I'm gonna turn this over to Sarah next, so she can share about what she does and then Joe. We’re just we're really, really excited. It's going to be an incredible opportunity for you to find out what you know, find out what you don't and help you really develop your gifts for yourself.

Sarah Curley:

I want to start off by saying I love this group of teachers and people. We all kind of vibe on the same frequency and we teach different things, but it all goes hand in hand and all flows beautifully into each other. I'm a medium, a trance channel, an artist, and an energy healer. But what I teach is channeling divine guidance. What I really believe is anybody wants to feel divinely connected, we all want to feel supported. We all want to feel that when we have a question or when we need guidance that there is a system set up for us that we can get in touch with that. My classes were really setting up the foundation for that for channeling, but it applies to all aspects of your life. Creating a centered place in your heart, where you're learning to differentiate between the language of the mind, and the ego versus the language of the heart. All of the questions that I get involve feeling connected--so how do we feel connected? My classes really speak about that. Our ability to plug into that and know and feel that no matter where we are, no matter what vibration and frequency we're at, that makes sense.

Lynn LaBorde:

I love her classes, and she always incorporates a meditation. That just the Power and Light that you bring is so incredible with that co creation with your guidance. It's really so strongly, you know. A girlfriend of mine was like, you know, I'm not sure of this whole channeling community, but there's really only one person that I've ever seen on the channel and she was the real deal and it was Sarah. I think that means a lot. I think that trance channeling can seem a little wonky for some people who are not used to it right, but our jobs as wayshoweres and light workers is to bring in this kind of this energy that we're all channels and it's not something that's so weird, and really that channeling is something we all do.

Alicia Munian:

That's one of the incredible things about this is that you guys all have your own specialty and our own individual light that you bring in. That's why students get such a holistic experiences. You all have something different to offer to them. They may each resonate with someone different. So, Joseph, we would love to hear from you. What are some things that you're excited to teach about and you know, what really calls to you?

Joseph D'Ario:

I'm excited to teach mediumship because I'm prior to this the prior classes, I was teaching how to raise your vibration, which I can bring it to the medium stuff. But I'm excited to yes to teach people and show everyone in class, really how to connect to themselves, which is how, for me my interpretation of how this all works is how you relate to yourself, and how to listen, you know, to what is your inner voice and what's not your inner voice? Because a lot of questions I get about that. Because we all work differently in different ways, the way that we interact with ourselves varies. I'm excited about that, because I love watching people blossom when they really connect to who they are, and how it simply works. It's not even just to get messages to tell everybody, it just even just messages for yourself. Messages, how you connect and get you through the day and get you through life's life's, you know, dramatic times and maybe family things. I want to I want to bring people in deeper and show them you know, the from the inside out, like how do we make this bigger and beautiful.

Lynn LaBorde:

One of the things that I love about you, Joe is the very first time that you ever led an event here at the Sohmalife sanctuary. You turned to a woman and asked her if she was moving and you said that you had just gotten a message from spirit, there were boxes around her, and that was your sign that someone was going to be moving. And I was like, oh my god, is that how it works? So I've learned so much from you, and so much from you, Sarah. And, you know, I, I love that even as a teacher, I'm perpetually learning, you know? I bring in, I teach psychic healing tools for people to help them had this really fascinating conversation with someone today. We were talking about how meditation really brings you present. But if you've got trauma from the past, there's a portion of you that is assigned to the past, you're able to remove that trauma from your body, it brings you more present, which is kind of like the point of our time. I was working with a client yesterday and I was doing a past life healing with her, and I said, believe it or not, we have to go into the past to be able to release you from the place where you think you left your happiness and bring you back to the present. She wrote to me today and she's so happy.

Alicia Munian:

That's amazing. So you know, it's so incredible in the work that you're doing to help heal other people. Sarah, the work that you're doing to kind of inspire this light and just the work that you're doing to like really intuitively develop these people. The collection of all of the gifts that you guys are offering these students. It's not only just about intuitively awakening the self, it's about this personal development journey that you're all helping with and you all kind of have that own your own branch that you go through to help them develop that and it's like, you pass it along to each other and you work so well, synergistically together. One question that I wanted to ask you guys, is, during this time right now with COVID-19, and the Coronavirus, why do you think it's more important now than ever for people to open up to an opportunity and experience like that? For their own self development?

Joseph D’Ario:

I just wanted to say like I think it's a perfect opportunity to extinguish the fear that is going on out there and to show people that we're walking through this all together, and we can see, it's not it's not as bad as it looks. A lot of things aren't as bad as it looks. We have the tools within ourselves to make the situation better, and to heal everything.

Sarah Curley:

Yeah, I think everything that you said and also the message I immediately got when you set that was within. I think, you know, the quarantine was a gift. It really allowed us to own you know, I have no choice now. Have to go in. And so there's a beautiful journey. And this is, this is awakening within us collectively, but it's showing up individually in all of our lives. You know, like, the deeper I go within myself, the more that reflects in my outer reality, and the more I learn, that I'm creating my reality through my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I think people are really starting to wake up to that now. This time is, it's a gift, I really believe that and you can choose right, wherever your perception is, what it's focused on, is what you're creating meaning and power, right. And so we're learning and we're seeing that and I think it's a beautiful time to be alive to learn.

Lynn LaBorde:

So what I know that COVID has done for me is innerwork. I spent time inside meditating, reading, you know, talking to my spiritual guides, doing puzzles, things that are created for me, that took me away from everything that was external. The phone, the computer, the classes, students, everything I just had me really go within it was incredibly grounding and healing. I think that in the Psychic development Academy, you're really going to hone those abilities for yourself, to be able to talk to yourself to be able to talk to spirit to be able to talk to those who have crossed over, you know, and learn what abilities you have. There are exercises, there's homework, there's classmates, there have been some beautiful students that have gone through this course and have created some incredible friendships out of it, too. It's been really beautiful community, right? Beautiful community. Yeah, we have a Facebook group on Facebook Messenger where everybody talks to each other and you're notified about events and even if teachers have you know, are not with us now. We're still connected to that community and we promote their events. We promote everybody's events, each other's events. It's a real collaboration.

Sarah Curley:

I love the sense of community because it helps other people who may not have that immediate community around them just to have the connection to theirs. people out there who feel the same way you do who are interested in the same thing as you are and we can we can communicate with each other on some level.

Alicia Munian:

Yeah. And that's such a great offer that you guys have is that there's people seeking, you know, this community and that's what you bring, you know, you give people a sense of home, right? It's like, all these people have been looking for someone who understands them naturally as like intuitive people and for them to find you, the teachers as their taste of home and community. It's like, going to help so many people to open up and awaken those parts of themselves.

Lynn LaBorde:

This is an opportunity for expansion and exploration, and even just to see, no matter what you're going, you can learn, you're going to learn something. And we're just excited to be able to present you with the opportunity for expansion and to learn maybe a little bit more about yourself and a little bit more about the world out there.

Sarah Curley:

It’s called the Psychic Development Academy, but it's so much more than that. It's like personal development too and all the gifts are the results of doing the inner journey that's self healing. You know that bringing yourself back to the present by releasing where you've been so connected to the past brings an incredible array of opportunities and gifts and healings.

Alicia Munian:

I think that's a great way to end off. So not only is the Psychic Development Academy and opportunity to grow your intuitive gifts, but it's the perfect opportunity for this really profound personal development that can help you to release traumas that you've experienced so that you can spring forward into your future into the highest version of yourself. These three incredible mentors and teachers who've been so well trained have worked with hundreds of people and helped them to see stagnant blockages that they had and helped them to awaken their divine power. I've had the opportunity to work with all three of these people and I can attest that they have each their own intense, amazing healing powers. Get the opportunity to know these teachers. There are three webinars coming up that are free so you have the opportunity to hop on and ask any questions. So make sure you guys tune in for that.

Joseph will be teaching Mediumship. His classes will be on the first 3 Mondays of the series. The dates are September 14, September 21 and September 28.

Sarah will be teaching on Connecting to Divine Guidance. Her classes will be taught on the next 3 series of Mondays which are October 5, October 12 and October 19.

Lynn will be teaching Psychic Healing Tools. Her classes will be taught on the third section of Mondays of the series which are on October 26, November 2 and November 9.

The 10th and final Graduation class will be on Monday, November 16. It will be a panel with all teachers as a Questions and Answer session. This class is free to any students who attends 6 or more classes in the series. Graduation Certificates and gifts will be handed out at that time.

The cost of the series is $595. There is an option to purchase 3 classes for $195. Single drop-in classes are $60. The 10 classes will be held on Mondays from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Class is limited to 25 students. All classes will be taught on Zoom through the sohmalife sanctuary.

If you need more information, please call Rev. Lynn LaBorde at 310-600-7465 or email her or register today for our free webinar here!

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