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Quarantine Transformations

When I first heard that we were going to be forced into a mandatory Quarantine, I was scared. The threat of a virus, an invisible enemy. There were so many unknown factors. I thought about my business--how everything operated around being able to see people--in person; to run events--in person. Everything that I knew and relied on was now thrown out the door. The uncertainty of everything hit me. I was worried about the well-being of others, and also how my business would survive during this time.

In my spiritual path, I was constantly put in places where I felt like the world was ending. Where I truly felt like I would not make it out of certain situations, and it pushed me to grow and become stronger to get through it. I soon realized that I was being presented with the same lessons again through this Quarantine; that this would just push myself and my business to the next level.

When I was able to pull myself out of the funk of despair and uncertainty, I began to laser-focus myself on my goals. With everything happening, I knew that people needed my services, they needed to access their own places of healing, and I needed to get myself out there more to provide that. I hired an incredible business coach to help me to shift the way I have been doing business, and they empowered me to shift my practice to express my full worth.

With this new vision in mind, I contacted my former business partner, James Bazakos to do a rebranding of the current website. I wanted to make sure that we were fully representing what the new vision and feel of sohma was. Something that has grown as I grew overtime. Despite everything going on in the world, I knew that this was the time to launch and dive deeper into what I have to offer.

Within a few weeks, the new website was done and I felt more empowered than ever. Regardless of the global pandemic and all of the unknowns, I was able to push myself further into my practice and what I could offer to the world. This pandemic truly pushed me into a place of inner introspection and helped me to realize my worth. With this pause, I was able to relaunch myself and I truly saw the expansive things that I could offer to the world.

Now with my rebranding, I have been able to help twice as many people than before access a deeper connection to their souls, learn about Akashic records, deepen their connection to channeling, and develop their businesses more intuitively. Regardless of what is going on in the world, you can always grow and expand. When the time is right for you, and you are supported by spirit, it will all align.

You just have to match the energy with hard work and it will manifest.

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