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The Psychic Surgery Technique

The Psychic Surgery Technique is one of the most versatile forms of healing. It is the central point of healing almost all forms of energy blockages. This method can help others to release traumas and pain and anxiety and fears that individuals have been holding onto while helping them to achieve their fullest potential. Reverend Lynn LaBorde created this technique based on several different methods of healing that she learned through her over her 30 years of training. This has helped hundreds of people heal from multiple lifetime issues.

To get a better understanding of how profound this technique has been in helping to heal others, Alicia interviewed Reverend Lynn LaBorde after receiving her own profound healing three years ago.

Alicia: Hello everyone. Thank you for joining us once again, we are Sohmalife and we are so excited to share with you information about the psychic surgery healing tool. This is something that has had a truly profound impact personally in my life. I'm so honored to be here to interview Lynn about this very special technique that has truly changed my life in a profound way. Reverend Lynn Laborde will talk about how she developed the psychic surgery technique, the benefits of using this methodology nd the science behind it. Welcome Lynn and thank you for joining us today.

Lynn: This is truly one of my favorite healing modalities to use because of the simplicity and because of the power. It's 13 very simple commands and questions to ask and it helps people to alleviate literally years and lifetimes of pain and trapped energy that they've had connected to themselves. It's really extraordinary.

Alicia: Wow that's so powerful. What inspired you to learn this technique?

Lynn: When I was very young, there was a workshop that I took that had that allowed a person to remove their headache. Then over the course of my studies, I continued to grow and develop this. I've studied with many different organizations. I have over 20 different certifications for where I've done thousands of hours mastering techniques used to heal aspects of the self, including one of things that I learned with an organization called Power Leadership. So, the psychic surgery technique is really a psychic energy healing tool. It allows you to go into people's energy fields And make profound shifts.

Einstein's theory of relativity is that equals E=MC squared. So, if energy moves at a certain velocity or certain frequency then emotions are basically energy in motion. The “E” stands for energy therefore it is energy in motion. Typically energy or emotion comes at us at a certain speed and usually we can handle that. We allow that energy to move through us like walking through a waterfall, but sometimes it comes towards us with such speed or such velocity it gets stuck. It almost feels like it shocks us and rather than allowing the energy to move through us we put up a wall which blocks the flow and it creates this little mass. That mass has a texture and a temperature and a size and a weight and feelings and emotions that are trapped inside of it.

Alicia: Are those blockages created from traumas? How do those sort of blockages happen?

Lynn: From the thousands of hours that I've used this technique on people, I have seen that the blockages often come from trauma. It comes from an energy or an emotion or a feeling that's overwhelming to people. It is like when people go body surfing and when there's a big wave that's coming. If you try to stand strong to the wave it's going to knock you over and there is sand everywhere. If you dive into the wave as it comes towards you, there's this placid area on the other side.

Another principle in the world of physics is that no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time, and duplication causes erasure. So, by going back in and looking at all the aspects of this blocked and trapped energy we're actually going to duplicate it and you're going to be able to make it disappear. Then people's energy moves in the most amazing ways. It's kind of like if water is running down a stream and there's a big rock in the middle of the water it is going to need to go around it. But if you can remove the rock the water is going to flow faster. That is really powerful and it's even more powerful that you're able to pinpoint-- you know, E=MC^2. That's a concept that we're all familiar with. We constantly have energy flowing through us, so you know going along with that theory really understanding and taking that and applying that to who we are. It's such a powerful tool you know and that's really amazing that you've been able to do this with that technique.

I remember years ago when we did this with you for the first time, Alicia two years ago. You had suffered an injury in your arm and we were able to go and look at what had happened. By helping you to basically release it, and turn it white it allowed you to be freed up from the impact that it had across several relationships. Most poignantly, we were able to heal how it was impacting you in your life and your ability to feel free and flourish. When people have things that happened to them whether it's physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse, they build up walls or they build up defenses to try and protect themselves. When they no longer have fear in those areas the things can come at them and they'll just move right through them. Like I said, it's like walking through a waterfall instead of trying to walk and get stuck or frozen in time.

Alicia: When you're doing this sort of spiritual work, you see that things arise and it's like the universe like bringing up these things here and there for you to acknowledge it. For you to see it and realize what doesn't serve you is powerful. You see the need to release these different things.

It was really powerful for me to go deeply into that trauma, but I knew it was something that I had to do. You did such an incredible job, Lynn with holding that space for me and allowing me not to give up. You knew that I had to re-experience those traumas to release it, you knew that I needed to see it in order to heal it. The thing with this method is that it puts your traumas into a somatic, tangible energy so you're able to see it. When you see it, you’re like “Oh, this is what it is. That's what is holding me back. This is what it is that I can recognize and it's something and I can actually move on.” To give it a shape, give it an object, and a color, there's so much power in that because then it's not just like some sort of random thing in a dark realm, it's something that's within you that you can remove and there's some immense power in that.

Lynn: Yeah it's really profound. We start by asking people what color it is. And when you can kind of get all of those somatic feelings.

We look and see:

-What shape is

-What color it is

- What size it is

- What temperature it is

- Does it have any sensation and movement to it

-What's it made of

-What is its purpose

When you see all of that, then you can get into all of the feelings and the emotions. You then find out that this thing that you thought you were stuck with you thought that was lodged inside of you is actually malleable and you can get it out of your body and then you can find this incredible freedom. When you remove that, it gives you a whole new life and a whole new experience.

Alicia: That was the most incredible part of that experience. It was when I was able to move it, I was like wow like it was so easy for me to release that experience. After doing that it made me realize how much we sometimes attach ourselves to our traumas that we don't really want to release and that it becomes part of us. By releasing that there were so many great and amazing things that left you know from that room that was created from that release that I was able to fill myself up with you know including like deeper self-love deeper confidence deeper appreciation for who I was. And you know it was through this healing that I was really able to achieve that higher level being.

Lynn: It takes profound courage to look at our darkness to look at our pain and to love it. To release it really takes a profound act of love and it was during a meditation one time that I was told that I would be able to handle whatever was put in front of me from a client, that I that I had experienced enough in my life that I could bring the most incredible levels of compassion for anything that anybody goes through. I have a very high level of confront for people's pain for people's anguish and I sat with a client today and she wept and she wept about some memories that she had and when she was able to release it she said to me I had no idea this was possible. She had no idea that that level of freedom was possible and it was very interesting right at the end she said, “I'm not sure that I want to let this go.” It was very interesting. Sometimes the trauma is familiar and people don’t wanna release It but she did. Sometimes the pain is like an old familiar friend.

Alicia: You know it's interesting because you think it's something you want to release but then you realize that there is an attachment to the lesson you have to learn from it. Because like once you're able to acknowledge that lesson and that experience then it's easier to really let it go.

Lynn: Sometimes people are just used to their comfort zone. They're used to their boundaries and sometimes these feelings are gonna bring them outside of their comfort zone to a realm that they're not used to and it can be a little discerning and a little scary for people which is completely understandable. It's funny. You know I teach people how to read the Akashic Records and people come in scared and I’m like “What are you scared of,” and I think they're scared of their own darkness of the things that they've tucked up inside of them that they don't want to take a look at. But this exercise makes it very very safe and it's very user friendly and very easy to do.

You know it's really incredible. It's so easy to teach. It's so easy to do. It takes a level of confidence it takes courage to be able to say, I'm going to look my darkness straight in the eye and I'm going to sing to it with love and I'm going to make it disappear.

Alicia: I think that the most powerful thing about it is that it's easy for everyone to do and it's about looking at that darkness right at the root. After I did that technique with you, I did the training with you where I learned how to do it as well. Since then, I've been able to heal so many people in profound ways with it. And it's because of that training that I had with you and you're such an amazing teacher too. It's like holding people's hands to show them really profoundly how this can transform people. It is the greatest joy to find a teacher who's able to bring you to that level and you lost that confidence in you that you're able to do it. So, I thank you for that as well.

Lynn: You're so welcome. It's one of my favorite tools from the psychic tool kit that I have. I have probably a dozen or so techniques that I love to teach people. It's absolutely the easiest and probably one of the most effective I would say. It's amazing. You know people think that they're stuck with something forever. I worked with one of the teachers in the psychic development academy and she had this chronic condition in her back and we did it. And then she looked like she was searching for something. I asked her what was wrong. She said, “Where did it go? What did you do?” She was still looking for it as if she wanted it back. So I said well you could throw a ball over the yard and if you want it back you can always go get it. But if you don't want it back you know it's gone.

Alicia: Exactly. That's so funny. Do you want to talk about the ways that you apply this healing to different people?

Lynn: So it's really really powerful. It's about removing the blockages. I get the information of where the blockages are, and then I relate that to the client. I actually work with the guides of my clients. So when I'm saying “they said” I'm actually talking to and engaged with the spirit guides of my clients. My guides are making some commentary too. It’s truly this team effort as they're all working together. From there, we go in piece by piece. So if there's a blockage in clairvoyance, we go into the third eye. If there's a blockage in their cognizance we go into the crown chakra. I haven't met anybody who hasn't been able to do it. It's just crazy effective.

Alicia: I can definitely attest to that effectively. And you know it's incredible how many ways that you can apply this once you learn this technique to different areas of your life and it's just like the physical process.

Lynn: So if you have physical pain, you can make headaches go away. If I find that if I have a pain in my arm I'll just go into it, spot it, and turn it light. You can use it for emotional pain too. You can use it for chronic thoughts that you have when you have a thought that goes over and over and over. It's a thought that makes a loop. When you find out where that loop came from, you can dismantle it. I can't think of any condition that you have this wouldn't apply to-- even financial, which is super cool. I know other techniques that I bring in that layer with this work.

Alicia: Well it was such an honor speaking with you about this amazing sacred technique. If anyone is interested in getting a healing from Lynn with this technique, I completely attest to how powerful this is. It helped me to heal some truly deep traumas that were holding me back from my life and this is something that you won't regret.

Lynn: It's so powerful and it truly has the ability to transform your soul and release any blockages that you have. If you are already a psychic then you want to learn this technique and have this under your tool belt because this is a powerful thing that can help to heal. Psychologists are able to use this technique. Sometimes people aren't able to see what’s blocking them, so you just have to know how to work around that. That's why I always recommend that people learn a couple other processes along with it.

If you have anything that needs healing, don’t hesitate to book a healing with Lynn. The Psychic Surgery Technique will profoundly heal any stagnant energy that is holding you back from your fullest potential. If you are a Healer and would like to get in touch with Lynn to learn this technique, this will bring your healings to the next level.

Check out our YouTube video of this interview!

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