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Understanding the Akashic Records

Akashic Records
Akashic Records

The Akashic Records, The Hall of Amenti, the field of divine information. People call it by different names, but well-practiced psychics know the depth of what is held in this mystical etheric field. The Akashic Records contain information about the past, present and future of every being and object that has ever existed, and record in minute detail every thought, word, deed, feeling and intention that has ever occurred.

Comprising the history of every Soul since the dawn of creation, The Records are an interactive living field that molds and shapes our consciousness. In them, you can ask questions, gain insight, learn lessons, review past lives, see future possibilities, heal and grow.

The primary concern of the Akashic Records is to hold the information about who we are becoming through our journey of ascension. The Records are a wealth of information for direction toward the richest and deepest connection to one’s Soul and a compilation of all simultaneous existences of God experiencing Itself.

Akasha is Sanskrit for “boundless space.” While The Records are the Universe’s supercomputer, The Book of Life belongs to God. As such, your individual Akashic Record is of your own making.

Accessing your Record can be truly transformative and life-changing, allowing you to:

● Understand patterns in your life

● See a different perspective of what you are experiencing

● Look more deeply into Karmic relationships

Opening yourself to an Akashic Record reading empowers you to see more deeply into yourself in ways beyond your imagination. The Records reveal the vastness of who you truly are and provide the opportunity to observe unhealed aspects of your Soul.

As we go through life, sometimes we put things away in pockets hidden deeply within us. Different traumas can become hidden and trapped within us energetically and lie dormant outside of our conscious awareness. The Records have captured all of our pain, all of our joys and all of our understandings from all our lifetimes.

People experience the Akashic Records in a variety of ways. Some hear information, some are shown information, some feel the information, some know the information and some channel the information. Lynn LaBorde is an experienced channeler of the records. Recently, we interviewed her on her experience with the records and how it has helped to shape and transform her own life and the lives of those who have experienced her readings.

Alicia: How did you first begin to read the Akashic Records? Who were you trained by?

Lynn: There is an amazing individual who has written so many incredible books about the Akashic Records named Linda Howe. I had the opportunity to train directly with her and receive a certificate as an Advanced Akashic Record practitioner. It was an online training class with almost 50 other individuals from around the world. We studied with her over the course of 3 months. During that time, I practiced on my own with over 70 people. After that, I realized this is something that I could teach and help heal so many people with. The first time I opened my records, there were these beings that were jumping up and down, and they kept screaming “Hall of Amenti!” over and over again. That began the incredible journey that I’ve had with learning and interacting with the records.

Alicia: What was one of the most significant experiences you had with the Akashic Records?

Lynn: For my own healing, it was healing the relationship with my father that truly opened me up to how powerful the records can be. I asked one of the women whom I had trained, to read my records. I asked the records, “Why am I so afraid of my father?” knowing I had something to do with it, and wanting to figure out why I had chosen that karmic relationship. The woman went into incredible details about my relationship with my father in previous lifetimes, but one of these lifetimes in particular stuck out to me. In this lifetime, she told me, "He kept you in poverty and rags as an escort. You were trapped in this situation, and a young man fell in love with you. He asked your father for your hand in marriage, but your father said no and forbade him to come back. One day you went and stole gold coins from your father so you could run away, and a friend went and told him. Your father was so enraged that he had you stoned to death." With this information, I did a past life healing to resolve this dynamic with him. After healing this experience, I was able to forgive my father, forgive myself, and overcome my fear of him. Thanks to that Akashic Record reading, I am now able to provide my father with the elder care that he needs despite our painful karmic history. There is healing, redemption, forgiveness, and acceptance in the records. Even the most painful relationships can be healed through the Akashic Records.

Alicia: What is the power in looking into someone’s Akashic Records? What is the greatest intention in this?

Lynn: One of the greatest powers of the Akashic Records is to be able to view situations in a field of neutrality. Metatron, one of Wendy Gayle’s spirit guides, often speaks about how being solid and neutral like a tree can be incredibly healing. To be in this state is to feel when you are being swayed by the wind and can recognize when the truth is being told.

Alicia: For someone who is experiencing an Akashic Record reading for the first time, what would you suggest?

Lynn: I always recommend receiving a reading before becoming trained to read the Akashic Records for yourself or others. It is like dipping your toe into the pool before you jump in. Everyone's experience is different depending on how the reader accesses the Akashic Records, but when I read I am able to channel the information through trance. No matter how the information is accessed though, it can be remarkably healing.

Alicia: I remember when I had my records read by you. It was so incredibly healing in so many ways. I was healing a past relationship and I was able to access so much information while you were in this deep meditative state. It was about this relationship that I really needed to release in my life, and it made me feel what I went through wasn’t as big as I was making it out to be. Your reading gave me a wider perspective of what I was experiencing, which provided me with a sense of peace.

Lynn: That’s the thing about the records- it’s not about the peep into the past or peering into the future, the records allow you to go much more deeply into the root of the problem at hand.

Alicia: Going into the records truly does work, and you are able to address things one by one which can help alleviate the impact of depression and anxiety.

Lynn: Someone once said that the truth will set you free, but the truth sometimes hurts. The Akashic Records is the truth beyond ego. It will show you just the way things are. This library is a wealth of information. People should come with specific self-chosen questions about their path and what they need to understand to more deeply about themselves.

Alicia: There is a concept that the universe will present you with the same lesson over and over again until you release it. Contacting Lynn and getting an Akashic Record reading can help you to see beyond the barriers of your own perspective. Lynn is able to see a holistic view of what is going on.

Lynn: When you are in the records you get a 30,000 foot view of your life and are able to see so many aspects of yourself that you weren’t able to see before. This reading is for those who are ready to take responsibility and look the truth in the eyes and heal. It takes incredible courage to go into the records. It can be quite intense, but know that you are guided through every step that you take with love and compassion. I am aware, capable, and trained enough to help others get through whatever circumstance they find themself in. I am able to help anyone who comes to my door and hold space for them.

Accessing your Akashic Records through a personal reading can help you awaken to your full power, let go of energies that no longer serve you, and allow you to embrace the divinity of who you truly are in your present lifetime. Having an Akashic Record Reading gives you the ability to put the power and control of your future and your past into your own hands.

To book an Akashic Record reading with Rev. Lynn LaBorde, check out her services here for your life-changing Akashic Record reading experience.

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