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The Quantum Teaching Curriculum is the key you have been looking for to reach personal and spiritual growth.

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Root- Quantum Healing

Learn transformational psychic healing tools: 

1. Clean Slate

2. Psychic Surgery

3. Incident Handling

4. Holodyne Handling

5. Clearing the Clairs


Throat- Quantum Communication

 Techniques to Express Love into the world

1. Ho’oponopono Prayer

2. Harmful/Painful Acts

3. Withholds/Secrets

4. Unmaking Realities


Heart- Quantum Relationships

HEART - Quantum Relationships > Techniques to Become Present to Love

1. 5 love languages 

2. Presence Processes Exercises 


Third Eye- Quantum Intelligence

Quantum Intelligence > Techniques to Open your Psychic Abilities 

1. Akashic Records 

2. Akashic Healing 

3. Spiritual Team

4. Aspect Handling 

5. Identity Handling (Soul Reclamation)


Solar Plexus- Quantum Abundance

Calling in the abundance you deserve. Stepping in to your power to manifest your desires and embody your soul purpose.

1. Healing your relationship with money

2. Creating Manifestation Board

3. Magnetizing your Abundance

4. Stepping in to your soul's purpose


Sacral- Quantum Sexuality

Reclaiming your sensuality and healing trauma. 

1. Womb Healing

2. Forgiveness

3. Stepping in to your power


Crown - Quantum Spirituality

Connecting you back to your own divinity and connection to God.

1. Channeling

2. Meditation

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