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Galactic Golden Gateway

Join us for an exclusive, intimate retreat in the heart of Sedona, Arizona.


This seven-day experience is designed for those seeking profound spiritual transformation and connection within a supportive, close-knit group of like-minded individuals.

Dates: Thursday, October 3rd - Wednesday, October 9th, 2024
Location: Sedona, Arizona (Venue TBD - Arabella or Amara Hotel Resort)
Investment: $5,555 ($4,444 Early Bird Special from June 1st to July 1st)

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Amara Hotel Resort

What's included?

Workshops, guided ceremonies, delicious community dinners, exciting excursions, and powerful healings. You'll also receive teachings from ascended masters (Jesus, Hathor, Magdalene, Metatron, Elijah, and Melchizedek) and a special retreat gift bag. Private sessions with each of us are available for an additional fee.

Retreat Itinerary:

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  • 4pm: Check-in and settle into your accommodations.

  • 7pm: Welcome Ceremony & Channeled evening session.


  • Morning Yoga

  • Jeep Tour of Sacred Sites

  • Community Dinner

  • Channeled Evening Session


  • Morning Yoga

  • Morning healing Past Lives workshop

  • Free Afternoon

  • Community Dinner

  • Evening Healing Akashic Records Workshop


  • Day trip to the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon.

  • Community Dinner

  • Free Evening


  • Morning Yoga

  • Peruvian Shamanic Journey in Nature.

  • Community Dinner


  • Morning Yoga

  • Free Day! - Head into the beautiful vertices of Sedona - Shop and Lunch in town - Swim and soak up the healing vibes.

  • Community Dinner/Celebration for Lynn's Birthday.


  • Morning Yoga

  • Morning Workshop

  • Ending Ceremony and completion of retreat.

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Book your flights to either Phoenix (PHX) or Flagstaff (FLG)!  Flagstaff offers a beautiful scenic route and is only 45 minutes from Sedona.  Shuttles are available from both airports for your convenience.  

Please note: Flights and accommodation are not included in the retreat price.

Meet your facilitators:

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Rev. Lynn LaBorde

Lynn LaBorde Eastman is a Transformational Alchemist dedicated to helping others turn personal darkness into light. Over the years, Lynn has immersed herself in metaphysical studies, meditation, and yoga, becoming a certified instructor.

Key mentors like Alan Walter and Rev. Marlene Morris have shaped her path, guiding her in spiritual healing, Reiki, and full-body trance channeling. Lynn’s profound experiences, including past life memories and mediumship, have deepened her practice. Today, she channels 22 ascended masters and holds an Advanced Akashic Records practitioner certification, committed to helping clients reclaim their divine, sacred nature.

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Rev. Wendy Gayle

Wendy Gayle, is a triple-tested and ethical psychic, whose unwavering belief in the potential for transformation and purpose drives her to guide others on their spiritual journeys.


A profound near-death experience was the catalyst for Wendy's intense spiritual awakening, completely altering the course of her life overnight. This transformative event ignited a deep passion within her to explore the realms of advanced healing, full-body trance channeling, Akashic records reading, and mediumship. She has earned certifications in an impressive sixteen healing modalities, a testament to her dedication to honing her spiritual gifts.

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Veronica Hernandez

Veronica Hernandez received her degree and license in clinical psychology in Peru. She works as a spiritual counselor and shamanic practitioner in the U.S.  She received her clinical training at the Institute of Rational-Emotive Therapy, New York, under the supervision of Dr. Albert Ellis. She was assistant professor at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia and research assistant at the Hospital Psiquiátrico Noguchi de Lima (Peru).


In the United States, she worked as a Social Services Clinician at John Muir Health Hospital’s Inpatient Psychiatric Adolescent Unit, California. She completed her doctoral degree at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), San Francisco, where she carried out research on the healing and transformative benefits of entheogens, especially Ayahuasca.

Secure your transformation and connect with your higher self in the magical energy of Sedona.

We can't wait to welcome you!

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