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"Through Sohmalife, you will forgive, heal and remember you are a child of the Divine. If God has a wing man, it’s Lynn LaBorde Eastman.” - JoAnn C. 

"Immersing in any kind of spiritual work with someone who is trained to help involves deep trust. I have always felt Lynn LaBorde Eastman not only has the expertise to guide me through whatever experience I'm undertaking, but I know I can trust her implicitly to do, say or be exactly what I need." - Alexsandra D.

“Lynn is an outstanding woman, and an amazing teacher. She has an abundance of knowledge, and I've absolutely enjoyed taking courses with her. Learning about the Akashic Records in particular has opened me up to a whole new and beautiful world that I never knew existed. The Psychic Development Academy was another one of my favorite courses - full of useful information, beneficial to everyone and anyone in their daily life. Whether she's teaching a group or a private session, her energy is positive and uplifting. She's definitely a keeper for me!” - Lauren G.

“Thank you for always taking me into a deep state of relaxation, Lynn! Love your meditations. <3” - James B.

“Lynn has established a wonderful place to learn and grow. I am so very happy to be part of this wonderful group.” - Pat M.

“Love this place! Such good energy here. Lynn has grown an amazing community of healers, mediums, and students. Both she and her business embody love. I would absolutely recommend it! ❤️” - Amelia P.

“Lynn is an amazing spiritual worker, and the sohma sanctuary is a magical place. There are incredibly gifted healers, psychics, mediums, and spiritual educators that constantly offer new knowledge, lessons, profound insights, and great conversations! It's a great place to find purpose, gain clarity, and make friends. Sohma has amazing classes for a variety of different spiritual aspects. The energy there is amazing - cleansing, profound, and beautiful. If you have any interest in spirituality, do yourself a huge favor and PLEASE go to the sohmalife sanctuary, talk to Lynn about the many amazing services she offers, and prepare to fall in love with yourself and the universe!!!” - Doug R.

“Wonderful place and organization. Will be going to more events here.🙏🙏👍👍☮️🐦🕊️” - Lynn W.

“Rev Lynn LaBorde offers her extraordinary gifts and extensive experience to be of service to those brought to her by Spirit. Her guidance has helped me break through blocks to Love’s presence and expression in my life. I highly recommend her services to anyone drawn to her.” - Gene F.

“I had the pleasure of taking a 1-on-1 class with Lynn, and it was a wonderful experience. She is extremely knowledgeable about her subject matter, but more importantly I felt she was very much in tune with me and what my needs were. I came away with a skill that I will be able to use in my own life as well as the lives of others. I highly recommend Lynn and she leads the best guided meditations of anyone anywhere!” - Sherry S.

“I met Rev Lynn LaBorde Eastman last year when she graciously volunteered to teach a healing technique to a group I lead at a recovery center. I have also had the pleasure of taking classes with Rev Lynn LaBorde Eastman at her Sohmalife sanctuary. Her meditations, channelings, and healing techniques have brought real positive change into my life and my son's life as well. She freely teaches her psychic surgery technique so we can help heal others with this effect skills she has developed. Her generous open heart makes her a joy to be around and I am better for having worked with her. “ - Susanne M.

“Rev. Lynn is one of the most gifted spiritual advisors I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is brilliant at reading Akashic records. She helped me to figure out who I am. Who I was. What I will become. She has supported me in every step of my spiritual journey and helped me find what gifts I possess. She guided me through releasing myself from a powerful force I have had all my life. Since that meeting I have grown and learned more than I thought I could. She is an amazing teacher. Her calming nature and fun personality makes you instantly comfortable to open up to receiving readings and spiritual guidance. I am a student for life with her. I’m blessed to have her as a guide on this journey.” - Dara G.

“I took  Lynn’s class Learning The Akashic Records and I highly recommend her as a teacher and mentor.  Under Lynn’s instruction I have developed a great respect for her character, integrity, and leadership abilities.  She is very focused and passionate person who is always looking to improve and expand in what God has given to her.  The spiritual work she has done has reached many people in different ways around the community.  Lynn is dedicated, hard working and a great person to be around. Lynn is always available to help those who need it and offers great advice and direction.  She is eager to excel and succeed in everything she does and supports her students.  She knows when to push and when to step back and watch growth happen. I personally been blessed to have Lynn in my life and I know you will as well.” - Lisa M.

“Lynn has been a godsend to me during this pandemic with her incredible meditations, channelings and her yoga classes. Her words are extremely healing and have really helped me with my spiritual growth. I highly recommend her to help with your spiritual journey.” - Mindy F.

“I have had the pleasure of not only working with Lynn as a mentor, but I have taken numerous classes she has personally given at her sanctuary and online. When first meeting Lynn, I could feel and sense the beautiful energy she possesses. Her energy, combined with her incredible wealth of spiritual knowledge she LOVES to share with others, makes Lynn an incredible teacher and mentor. Lynn is patient, thorough and dedicated to helping others grow, no matter what level they are on in their own spiritual path. Whether you are beginning to awaken or desire advanced training, I would highly recommend Lynn!” - Kelly B.

“Lynn is an experience teacher who loves to express her knowledge with her students while keeping it fun and extremely enjoyable. I took the akashic record class and was amazed with what I was able to do and learn. Lynn's guidance was beautiful and helped me unlock the next level of reading with spirit.” - Joe D.

“I’ve been working with Lynn since we met in LA in 2008. Her talents can only be described as a tremendous gift from Source. Struggling with recovery from a destructive and abusive relationship, Lynn has given me much needed insight into soul contracts and and self-forgiveness. She has also helped my adult child cope with a late Autism Spectrum diagnosis. The healing we have experienced while working with Lynn is nothing less than remarkable. Thank you Lynn for being a part of my journey and a key component to my recovery. Forget revenge - a happy life is truly the best way to move forward.” - Darlene M.

“Working with Lynn has been nothing short of a magical experience (sounds silly but I'm not kidding even in the slightest sense!). She has such a way of working with people to encourage the gifts that one already possesses within, to blossom wildly. She is not only incredibly knowledgeable but so powerfully gifted, which originally drew me to her in a room filled with people - her energy literally called out to me. Whether you are looking for energetic healing, inner childhood healing, past life regression, or learning how to read the akashic records you are in divine guidance with Lynn by your side. My personal growth and healing has been profoundly encouraged by Lynn and her mentorship. She has provided me with an immense amount of techniques to add to my spiritual tool box, which I get to use throughout the rest of my journey. I'm simply honored to work with Lynn and highly recommend working with her if you are eager to level up your personal healing.” - Christina M.

“Lynn has helped awaken parts of me that I’ve been hesitant to open. Her guidance has been crucial with regard to her seeing the color of my aura and with that hitting on a calling that I’d been on the fence with. Listening to her and taking the leap has fulfilled such a beautiful path for me. For this I am grateful.” - Natalie T.

“If you’re a spiritual seeker, the next stop on your journey should include time spent with Rev. Lynn LaBorde.  Besides being a truly gifted trance channel for Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Egyptian Goddess Hathor, Lynn is a both a master at reading the Akashic records and a patient, loving teacher to those interested in learning how to access and interpret them. Her wit, creativity, intelligence and zest for life make working with her a complete joy. If you want to open your heart and expand your consciousness, and are looking for trustworthy guidance, give yourself a gift: get to know Lynn!” - Maria C.

“Lynn is the most gifted and giving healer I have ever encountered. I have used her services as a medium, channeller, healer and teacher. I recommend her highly. Her connection to spirit and deep commitment to transformation on all levels is miraculous. She will help you unravel your own healing or spiritual path in ways you never imagined.” - Tammy K.

“Looking for a powerful spiritual teacher and guide who will help you open up to ALL the possibilities? That would be Lynn. She doesn’t mess around—Lynn taught me to read the Akashic Records in 2 hours, which has kicked off a cascade of amazing developments, including the (unplanned) launch of my own spiritual business. Also, one thing I really appreciate is that the mumbo-jumbo prevalent in spiritual circles is refreshingly absent. Highly recommended!” - Natalie A.

“During my journey I’ve had several mentors, teachers and instructors, Lynn ranks up there with the best of the best, except Lynn takes it one step further. Lynn challenges you to get to the root of your issue and walks you through it from beginning to end. Lynn’s caring, compassion and understanding accompanied by her knowledge, intuition and strong connection to Spirit will take you as far as you’re willing to go. I am honored to call her my mentor and friend and I highly recommend Lynn.” - Debra R.

“Lynn has incredible gifts. I’ve experienced many different session with her throughout the years and it’s been a pleasure to experience all that comes through her. She is super passionate about the work that she does and it’s obvious that she deeply honors her position as a channel for the divine. There’s much to receive through Lynn. Enjoy!” - Gina S.

“Through past life regression, Lynn Laborde Eastman took me on a journey not only to my other lives, but into the depths of my heart. The work she did with me was so essential to me truly understanding who I am, that it blew open the doors and windows of my life. I see myself differently now. I know myself differently now.

With her caring and supportive guidance, she helped me experience not only how truly connected we are to those we love, but also to those we think we don’t. Most importantly, with Lynn nudging me through the hazy maze of my soul’s memory bank, I came to clearly see that Source not only has been with me all along in this life and in all others, but has given me free rein to play out my fantasies, until I am well and truly ready to go Home. What a gift she has! What a gift she is!" - Joanne C.

“Lynn is an amazing teacher!! I have been lucky enough to be able to expand on my spiritual journey with her guidance. Working together during Reiki sessions has been the most empowering and soul satisfying part on this path. Lynn has many modalities to help you on your journey as she caters to your spiritual needs like no other.” - Jennifer O.

“When it comes to the metaphysical, Lynn LaBorde is a “Wealth of Knowledge”. She possesses many innate capabilities including Trans-Channeler, Akashic Record Reader, Psychic Medium, Master Reiki Instructor, Licensed Reverend and Meditation Facilitator just to name a few! I was incredibly fortunate to have her as a Mentor over several months. With her guidance and instruction I was able to practice and learn the many techniques and tools of the trade. Thank you Lynn for all you do to elevate others so that they may reach their potential! Lynn truly is Amazing!” - Debbie Q.

"I first met Lynn for an Akashic reading, and ended up having one of the most profound healings of my life! Since then, I have been ordained in the Order of Melchizedek and taken psychic development classes with Lynn. She has also graciously performed a virtual memorial service for my mother recently. Everything Lynn does comes from the abundant love and compassion in her heart, so, everything she does is nothing short of excellence!!!" - Julia H.

“Lynn has great knowledge in Psychic Development, Raising vibration, Divine Guidance and especially reading the Akashic records. When a student would ask her a question she always knew the answer.


Lynn has a lot of patience. I tend to ask a lot of questions and Lynn has always answers my questions without getting annoyed. She is always very pleasant.   


Lynn has a special technique that she taught in her class that is helping me let go of my fears that have blocked me from developing my Psychic/Mediumship abilities. I still use them and they are helping me a lot. My fears are gradually going away. Also, she taught the class how to read the Akashic records. Reading my own records is helping me heal from emotional pain that has blocked me from moving forward with my personal development and psychic/Mediumship development. I am working on my fears. These two classes have helped me a lot. I feel so much better thanks to Lynn.


Also, when she taught these two techniques she explained ever step very clearly.


She is very understanding and is willing to help her students understand a topic that is being discussed in class, or help with their Psychic and Mediumship development or help the student let go of fears that is blocking then from their own personal developmental. She is willing to help her students with any problem they have.


In this field you need a teacher and/or mentor who is compassionate, understanding, patient, truly cares about their students, doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable and has great knowledge in this field. Lynn has all of theses qualities.  


Lynn is the best teacher I have ever had in this field. She is an amazing teacher and mentor.  


I am going to continue taking classes with Lynn.” - Francine V.

“I’ve been going to sohma since it opened its doors 3 years ago. Classes, courses, events are top notch, interesting, fun, and what I’ve learned will last me a lifetime. 


Personal mentorship sessions with Lynn have helped me understand myself more and helped guide me to a future I want for myself. Our sessions were filled with love, patience, and understanding. Lynn speaks and guides from the heart; heart to heart. 


I’ve met beautiful people at channeling classes, meditation evenings, psychic development courses and lectures, light language evenings...sohma is my favorite place to be!” - Sophie S.

“Lynn Laborde Eastman is a gifted channel, and healer who has helped me heal emotional wounds from past lives, remove energy blocks, has taught me how to speak my truth and step into my power. I am grateful for her authenticity and her dedication to spirit and connecting to ths light within. The healing tools she has taught me have also helped me in my personal life and have been added to my daily practice. I am honored to have her in my life as a friend and colleague.” - ​Sarah C.

“Lynn is a spiritual gem with many amazing guidance and healing modalities. She has assisted me on my incredible healing journey these past two years. I cannot express enough my gratitude towards her, for sharing her divine teachings with me. I recently have been privileged to attend a spiritual development class with her and her teaching style is delivered with such warmth and angelic grace. She is a true pleasure to work with.” - Renée Mc.

“I am so thankful for meeting Lynn. I have been attending her meditations, live and virtual. She has taught me the importance of mediating everyday. Lynn has showed me how to relax, clear my mind, balance my chakra's and to help me reduce stress. The tenderness and tone of her voice will guide you through an amazing journey. I have attended her channeling sessions as well. They are very insightful. Her sanctuary in her home is a place of warmth and love. She makes you feel like you are family. Lynn has guided me on my spiritual journey and oneness with the world. NAMASTE” - Cookie L.

“I trained with Lynn on how to read my Akashic Records. The session was completely enlightening and afterwords I had the tools and support to continue to explore this exciting avenue on my own. Working with Lynn was a pleasure. Her kind and loving approach was so encouraging and made me feel at ease when stepping out of my comfort zone to explore this technique. I highly recommend anyone thinking of taking this course to do it! You will not be disappointed!” - Colleen C.

“I met Lynn in February 2020 and  she has been instrumental in my ascension process. With ease and grace, along with a killer sense of humor, she took me by the (spiritual) hand and catapulted me to places I never dreamed possible.

At one point in our work together I was struggling with deep seated self-doubt, which could have stopped me in my tracks. Lynn spent a few hours with me, explaining in simple terms, all I needed to know to overcome a lifetime of self-limiting thought patterns.  Within a very short time, she turned my insecurity into a force of self-love that is growing stronger every day.  As a result, I am honored to have the ability to read the Akashic records with clarity and confidence; my heart is more expansive; and my life is more exciting that ever.

She makes it easy to be a lightworker! “Babe, life doesn’t have to be hard, being a lightworker doesn’t have to be hard.”  When spoken by Lynn, it opens doors and creates miracles.  Miracles of connection to Self, connection to others, seeing ourselves as a reflection of all we surround ourselves with. Miracles of knowing we’re surrounded by angels, archangels, Jesus, Mary Magdelene, the Blessed Mother, and Hathor…the list goes on and on.  Don’t be put off by Lynn’s connections with the highest beings on the other side! She makes it informal, fun, funny, and so loving.  Don’t hesitate—jump in!” - Julie S.

“Sahana Grace (Lynn’s name to Spirit) channels a number of discarnate beings, with seeming ease and obvious clarity.  It is a moment of wonder when her facial expression changes to one of solemnity, a sign that a profound consciousness is about to make an appearance.  Then comes the ever-joyful thrill of connecting with the spirit realm, when the first words of salutation are spoken.  Messages are clear, informative and timely.  The love for anyone in attendance, either in person or via the Internet, is palpable.  The desire and ability to be of assistance by answering questions is often demonstrated.  Were such channelings rare in even the not so distant past, they are quite commonplace these days, proving that the veil has indeed thinned considerably.  Sahana Grace is dedicated to being of service to anyone on the path of ascension.  Consider taking her up on that, to help you progress along that path.” - Simon P.

"It is without hesitation that I endorse Lynn LaBorde. I have been attending Lynn’s meditation class for almost a year. Half in person and half via zoom due to corona. I look forward to her weekly insight and her guided meditations. I have a renewed energy and sense of calm when they are over and even before the class is done - I am awaiting the next class.” - Dr. Jodi K.

“Lynn Eastman is a wonderful mentor. teacher, spiritual advisor and leader of meditations

She has helped me emotionally and spiritually in so many ways and I highly recommend anyone who wants to heal or help themselves to talk to Lynn and seek her services.” - Fran F.

“I had asked a friend for a recommendation for someone who could give me spiritual guidance. The friend had given me Lynn’s name. What started as a beautiful meeting and first session with her, has since then developed into a friendship. Lynn is someone I trust with sensitive matters of the heart. She pushes me to develop my psychic abilities. Through her guidance and friendship, I have grown and I know I will continue to grow. Lynn is such a positive life force and knowing her has raised my vibrations and allowed me to be my whole hearted self.” - Annie T.

“I had no idea the profound journey I was embarking on when I registered for the Psychic Development Academy with Lynn LaBorde. I am so grateful for the miraculous experiences I had and continue to grow with daily, thank Lynn and the sohmalife sanctuary for helping me strengthen my connection to spirit.” - April M.

“I Experienced an incredible healing process that Lynn did...She connects to the place that is needed and Energetically shifts ...

I truly recommend her... I do similar work ,and am a crazy critic if it’s not at that divine vibration...She is and it’s lovely ✨❤️😎👌💗- Ellen P.

“After watching Lynn explain her “psychic surgery technique” and having success utilizing it myself, I had no doubts about of her credentials! Following the “psychic surgery technique” session, I scheduled an individual session with her.  In the personal session, Lynn instantly put me to ease and it was very easy for me to open up to her.  She was genuine and caring in the session, holding the space for me to “re-experience” an event that I’ve struggled to understand for over two decades.  I left the session feeling completely satisfied with new perspective on the event; what was once seen as a curse is now a shining diamond in my experience.  If you’re here and reading this, then know you’ve been called to Lynn and I highly encourage you to follow that guidance!  You will have no regrets!” - ​Daniel R.

“I have done mentoring with Lynn and have completed some classes and workshops. I can’t say enough good things about her. I was moved when I first met her because there was just something about her, I felt drawn like a magnet.  She is extremely sweet, knowledgeable, and charismatic with a keen sense. She has helped me through some hurdles and is always available when I need her. She has mentored, guided, and showed me my potentials as person and my gifts as an intuitive, medium and an empath. I once told her I felt like I was changing and becoming a new person. She told me “no you are becoming the person you were always meant to be. I love you, Lynn” - Maria A.

“Lynn is a compassionate,  beautiful soul. The joy she feels in living her life purpose overflows in  her enthusiasm to assist her students on their spiritual path. I feel blessed to have met her and consider her a friend, and someone I can rely on to provide encouragement and emotional support as I continue my journey on being the best light worker I can be. being a part of Sohma has Increased my depth of knowledge and skills in a way I never imagined.” - Lisa P.

“Congrats on finally fulfilling your destiny. Lynn is the most powerful psychic I know.  I am glad she is finally coming out of the closet! Did I mention that I know a LOT of psychics!  I used to work with a team professionally.  Lynn is very humble.  She has decades of training under her belt.  She is the "most certificated" person I know!  I can't wait to see what comes of her FINALLY letting people know this about herself.  Just to be clear here, Lynn is not a "newbie."  She's a PRO!  She just hasn't shown this gift to most who know her...keeping in the shadows didn't have anything to do with not being supported.  It had to do with whether or not people could handle her POWER! Look out world!!!” - Shari H.

“Hi Lynn, Thanks so much for a great first session today! I was not expecting to reveal such personal information...but I feel that our session was very healing. I look forward to working with you, and to getting to know you more. I appreciate how comfortable you made me feel (especially telling you so much about my life) and then how easily I was able to let the words come to me and to flow in your presence. You are very gifted. I look forward to this learning journey with you.” - Beth M.

"Lynn La Borde is an amazing being who doesn't just give you tools, wisdom, time, focused attention, energy and guidance , she gives you a piece of herself through all of these things. She helped me heal with love , and though she didn't "know" me prior to our interaction, she now "KNOWS" me and helped me to "KNOW" myself. She helped me by loving me and  teaching me how to remember how to love myself. She is AMAZING 😍!” - Matthew K.

"Lynn, thank you for channeling the love of Jesus in helping me to heal spiritually, mentally, and physically. Lynn teaches others that the physical body manifests what is not resolved emotionally, energetically, and most importantly, spiritually. When you connect to Lynn on a soul level, magical things happen. I carried a 60 yr old wound that was also established many lifetimes ago. The power of a healing session with her and my connection with her is indescribable. Walking through my past life experiences helped me to understand and heal the dynamics of deep wounds. Those unresolved wounds created emotional and physical problems. One session later, the transformation was undeniable. She is an incredible mentor, teacher, and healer. I am so proud to call you a friend as well.” - P.A.

“Having an Akashic records reading by Lynn LaBorde Eastman was something I kept putting off out of fear. I haven't been a perfect person throughout parts of my life and I was afraid of what I would hear. Then I took a chance out of curiosity to see what it was all about. Finally, I made myself take the time to go and ask questions I needed answers to.

It was the most supportive, loving, and healing experience, I have ever been through and I was so glad I went. It was totally different from what I expected. All my worry, apprehension, and anxiety were laid to rest as soon as we began! It helped me in many ways. Just the flexible nature of it allowed me to focus on the things that were the most important to me! That was very helpful! It wasn't a one way reading. I was given the chance to fully participate and to ask questions. I can't wait to go again!”

-Robert P. 

“I recently had an Akashic Record reading with Rev. Lynn Laborde Eastman and was absolutely delighted, amazed and completely uplifted. She is a truly gifted Channeler. So many questions were answered and I felt my energy shifting and lightening exponentially as the reading progressed. I was so happy with the outcome that I immediately signed up for some individual sessions with Lynn. If I lived anywhere near the location of the sohmalife sanctuary, I would be checking it out post haste!! I highly recommend her, and by extension the sanctuary.”


 “Working with Lynn has opened me up to the self love and forgiveness I didn't think I would ever be able to have. She supported me through various, extremely difficult, times in my life and her insight and wisdom was absolutely exactly what was needed to help me not only keep going until I got to the other side but also to walk through it with a bit of grace and love. I still hear the words she has channelled when I am facing certain decisions or experiences that are challenging me. Thank you Lynn for your love, insight, sharing your gifts, and holding a loving mirror for me when I couldn't see myself. So much love to you! i hope everyone can experience what working with her is like!”- Jeanie H. 

“I highly recommend Lynn and Sohma Sanctuary, I met Lynn several years ago as I was going thru my awakening, I stumbled upon Sohma Sanctuary and her classes. She is so welcoming, I felt very comfortable with her. Sohma offers a variety of classes to share knowledge to those of us who are looking to expand more spiritually and learn more about the wonders of the Universe and roles of lightworkers. Sohma builds a beautiful community of like minded individual who are on similar paths of growth, spirituality and enlightenment.”- Christine R. 

“Lynn is an amazing spiritual healer. I cannot recommend her enough. She has helped me so much with my PTSD symptoms and life stressors. I've never been to the actually site as all my sessions are online. Wow! She gets straight to the point of healing. And the work holds. I feel immediate relief and my internal system is more grounded and regulated post sessions. As a Psychotherapist, I have used some of her trainings to benefit my clients also. I love her work. Her ability to stay present, supportive and honest while in sessions is so profoundly healing. I've even sent her some of my clients who needed support. She's a safe harbor in these crazy times. I highly recommend her sessions.” -​Kelli. F. 

"As a Professional Internationally known Psychic Medium, I have witnessed amazing Spiritual experiences in my career over many years. Nothing could have prepared me for the Spiritual "Mind Blowing" deeper awakening that entering the Akashic Records had on me during my training with Lynn. As my body began to "FLOAT", I realized immediately I had entered a Realm that even I did not know existed. Since, my experience and this intimate personal training, my own Psychic Readings with my clients have been off the chart connecting to loved ones and delivering messages with my own calling with the Records confirming my path. I would encourage anyone at any Spiritual level to pursue this training and an opportunity to work with Lynn's gift. Sending Lynn Love and Light in all her Spiritual work as she is truly a Blessing to many." - Psychic Medium Kathy Mamolen

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