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The Chakra World Tour

A Journey of Healing & Transformation

Egipto (7).png

Some pictures of our previous Egypt retreat:

What to expect: 

  • Ten days of beauty, luxury, and magic

  • The experience of a lifetime

  • A cruise down the Nile River

  • See and experience over 8 different temples

  • Visiting the pyramids

  • Professional photos + reels

  • Intuitive development classes and lessons

  • Red sea coral reef tours

  • All meals and transfers included (+internal flights)

Egypt Testimonial from Mattanja: 

"This trip has been one of the greatest of my life. I felt so deeply safe in this group of people attracted to Lynn’s and Alicia’s work, that I could fully open to everything Egypt and this retreat had to offer. The activations have shifted me on such a deep level and I came back as a deeper and richer person. I would recommend this retreat for everyone. This experience is a memory I will never forget."

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