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the Transformational alchemy Salon


Craving a spiritual home where you can learn, grow, and connect with like-minded souls?

Welcome to The Transformational Alchemy Salon, a vibrant online haven for seekers like you. We're not about fluffy promises or vague pronouncements – this is direct access to transformative tools and guidance, delivered in a straight-forward, no-nonsense way.

The Transformational Alchemy Salon membership is a hub where you receive access to exclusive content, teachings and resources to assist you on your spiritual path.

The Transformational Alchemy Salon Membership includes:

Monthly Channeled Q&A

Ask your burning questions and receive unfiltered wisdom from ascended masters like Jesus, Hathor, Mary Magdalene, and more. No topic is off-limits!

Monthly Exclusive Guided Meditation with Channeled Message

Dive deep into powerful meditations led by Rev. Lynn LaBorde, designed to unleash your inner power and connect with your divine essence. Plus, the group will receive a channeled message after each meditation.

Video Library of Guided Meditations

Access a growing library of guided meditations, channeled messages, and insightful teachings, all curated to support your spiritual journey.

Thriving Community

Connect with like-minded souls in our supportive Facebook group. Share experiences, ask questions, and feel the power of belonging to a community on fire with transformation.

Early Bird Retreats

Be the first to know about and secure the best deals on our immersive retreats to Sedona, Costa Rica, France, and more (as travel permits)!

P.S. Get up to 20% OFF on readings, 1:1 sessions, mentoring, and more! 

Don't wait. Your soul's transformation starts now.


"Immersing in any kind of spiritual work with someone who is trained to help involves deep trust. I have always felt Lynn LaBorde Eastman not only has the expertise to guide me through whatever experience I'm undertaking, but I know I can trust her implicitly to do, say or be exactly what I need."

Alexsandra D.

“Love this place! Such good energy here. Lynn has grown an amazing community of healers, mediums, and students. Both she and her business embody love. I would absolutely recommend it! ❤️” 

Amelia P.

“Lynn has been a godsend to me during this pandemic with her incredible meditations, channelings and her yoga classes. Her words are extremely healing and have really helped me with my spiritual growth. I highly recommend her to help with your spiritual journey.”

Mindy F.

“Lynn Eastman is a wonderful mentor. teacher, spiritual advisor and leader of meditations

She has helped me emotionally and spiritually in so many ways and I highly recommend anyone who wants to heal or help themselves to talk to Lynn and seek her services.”

Fran F.


Rev. Lynn LaBorde

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